The Science of Weight Loss: Detoxification - Rebuilding the Microbiome - Correcting Metabolic Syndrome - Healing Biotoxin Illness & The Gut

The Science of Weight Loss: Detoxification - Rebuilding the Microbiome - Correcting Metabolic Syndrome - Healing Biotoxin Illness & The Gut by Mason, Genita M.

The Science of Weight Loss: Detoxification - Rebuilding the Microbiome - Correcting Metabolic Syndrome - Healing Biotoxin Illness & The Gut

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The Science of Weight Loss (SOWL) covers the modern day causes of gaining excess weight and not being able to lose it regardless of diet and exercise. In todays world there are numerous toxic exposures in our food system and environment along with denatured processed foods that do more harm that good that are damaging the Gut. Many of the toxins people are exposed to are endocrine disruptors that now have a name: obesogens. Obesogens are hormone-like chemicals that literally instruct the body to gain weight. The premise of SOWL is to address weight issues, not as a pound for pound issue, but a medical issue and to heal the damage that food chemicals, incorrect diet and environmental toxic exposures have done to the upper and lower (bowel) intestines. It also teaches the reader how to remove the harmful bacteria in their gut and replace it with a diverse rainforest of beneficial bacteria that serves the immune system, energy, weight loss, excellent digestion and production of vitamins that serve all those processes. Inflammation from Biotoxin Illness and the dangers of denatured, processed and chemically adulterated food, is explained extensively in SOWL. Endotoxins are produced in a toxic colon that go into the blood and trigger the inflammation response causing leptin and insulin resistance. LPS is connected to false hunger but also many diseases beyond all of those of the gut such as IBS, Crohn's, diverticulitis, SIBO, Gut Dysbiosis and Toxic Gut Syndrome associated with many mental health issues via the Gut / Brain axis. The four key healing strategies for the causes of the epidemic obesity and overweight issues people around the world people are suffering are covered in the SOWL first in educational format and then a healing strategy is provided which includes optional laboratory testing, corrective nutritional supplementation, a three phase organic diet based on the common layers of GAP, FODMAP, and SIBO diets, and a detailed day to day fermented food diet time table for rebuilding the microbiome. Candida, fungus, bacteria dysbiosis and mold elimination are also covered as an add-on to the foundational program. The four healing strategies provided for beyond excellent Gut Health are explained and the addressed in the program and food and supplemental nutritional protocols. DETOXIFICATION: The participant is guided through an award winning clinical detoxification program focused on detoxifying the gut and eliminating inflammation. REBUILDING THE MICROBIOME: The participant is educated as to the importance of the Microbiome and is guided through dietary and supplemental strategies to populate the gut with a diverse and robust variety of healthy bacteria that serves the healing process and excellent digestion. CORRECTING METABOLIC SYNDROME: Endotoxins such as lipopolysaccharides (LPS) are released from a toxic colon and cause oxidative stress throughout the body; particularly the brain - eliminating LPS will by default help bring hormones into balance and "tune in" the neuroendocrine system for optimal functioning. HEALING BIOTOXIN ILLNESS: Biotoxin Illness, such as mycotoxicity, (endotoxicity - LPS) is common among those with weight issues and is many times the cause of their excess weight. While the program addresses Biotoxin Illness for the general population because most anyone on a SAD (Standard American Diet) and who doesn't pay attention to their toxic exposures has body burden (bioaccumulation of toxins), a specific weight loss designed version of Dr. Shoemaker's Biotoxin Protocol is provided in the book. The Science of Weight Loss is an educational journey through your gut and what is making you gain weight and why it is difficult if not impossible to lose. The program will not only cause dramatic weight loss and excellent health but it will add years to your life and create a quality of life beyond what you could imagine.

Author: Genita M. Mason
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: 07/01/2015
Pages: 124
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.39lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.26d
ISBN: 9781517053727

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