Do you ever imagine how many amateurs Chefs and Chefs there are in the city of New York coming from all over the World with whom you can discuss and receive tips and techniques specifics to each of them and to each culture, it will be fun to attend our numerous events online or in person. Subscribe, Suggest, Share,
Speak and Show up.

About Us

At Gourmet Bookstore, Our main goal is to enchant the mind through the richness of cultures and the cooking and culinary experiences around the Word.
Our reason for having international Gourmet Bookstore, and for being passionate about it, is to share Our love of food, of people, and to make cooking and
culinary moments enjoyable, adventurous, surprising. We hope, by this, to create a cosmopolitan community of gourmet people. We are selling books and a rich, amazing lifestyle full of the good things that the Word can offer.

It is a niche bookstore where you will find all books that can respond to the curiosity of all gourmets, amateur Chefs, Chefs, hosts, and hostesses. By searching you will find what you need. We may also order. We hope to maintain close contact with each of our reader and would be happy if they share with our community their cooking and culinary experiences.

We aim to enrich even further the cosmopolitan way of Life of New-Yorkers and Everyone else in the Country.

Do you have a family cooking book, we would like to post it on Gourmet Bookstore, promote it and organize events around it hoping that you will tell us further about the history behind the book?

Life is Fun, let's make it more fun by being open, adventurous. Let's make it sensational with our cooking, with friends in our community and with passionate amateur Chefs and Chefs like yourself.

Yes, Art is fundamental to Life. We are pleased to offer on Gourmet Bookstore, beautiful Paintings.

Our retail store is a Brooklyn Intiative

We will have Events in Different Restaurants in New York City.