Love Buds: Healthy and Healing: Recipes with Weed and Pot

Love Buds: Healthy and Healing: Recipes with Weed and Pot by Cheryl, L. B.

Love Buds: Healthy and Healing: Recipes with Weed and Pot

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Love Buds Cooking with Cannabis is a beautifully illustrated, quick and easy to navigate collection of recipes, including 300 of the top nutritious foods, herbs & spices for healthy meal preparation. With 40 full page color photos, it is sure to make your mouth water. Cooking with cannabis can be tricky, but with Love Buds the meal planning is safe and easy.The recipes are evenly divided: there are quick and easy recipes for those with moderate ability, and more exotic recipes for the gourmet chef. These tasty meals are good for you, completely organic, and nutritious and will support both common & unusual Health issues and concerns.The Cooking with Cannabis Cook Books are filled with exciting ways to use only the healthiest ingredients. All recipes are sugar-free, whole wheat and grains, legumes & beans, lean meats, poultry, dairy, fruits and vegetables. Only the freshest, organic & aromatic herbs, spices and ingredients are used in our kitchen. In the Love Buds kitchen we use only People Love Buds Spice Blends and Love Buds Spice Blends with Cannabis. These spices can be purchased online or in an Oregon or Washington dispensary. The recipes in Love Buds Cooking with Cannabis include: canna butters and oils, infused alcohol, vinegar & teas, dressings and sauces, beverages & smoothies, eggs, fats, proteins and sweeteners.The recipe chapters include: dressings, sauces & dips, hydration and libation include: coffee, tea, chocolate, cocktails, green juice & smoothie mixes. The Brunch chapter includes: baking, dairy, eggs, salads, grains, rice and quinoa, sandwiches and snacks.Nuts about nuts is a collection of salty, savory and honey nut mixtures, a must in your snack bag.The dinner table is full of main course meals and side dishes for all taste preferences, bacon, poultry, beef game, lamb, fish, seafood, beans & legumes. The hot vegetables include super greens, mixed veggies, squash and potatoes, tomatoes, pasta and rice.Deserts are always my favorites, but when you are including cannabis deserts become heavy when deserts are usually light. The strong texture and flavor of cannabis needs to be a bit overpowered to be tasty but serves better when savored with like ingredients. So the desert and dressing recipes tend to be woody, so test each recipe until you find the balance that appeals to you. Back to deserts: some of our favorites recipes, cherries & chocolate, frosting & fillings, pies & crusts, Popsicle, parfaits and whipped creams.If you or a loved one have health concerns or simply want to get and remain healthy I urge you to take the step towards a healthier life through healthy healing living with Love Buds.Concerns and conditions: Anti-oxidant, anti-age, Alzheimer's. brain and memory, anxiety, insomnia, depression, bi-polar, cancer, nausea, diabetes, sugars, energy, stamina, eye health, gastrointestinal health, diverticulitis disease, IBD, IBS, crones, obesity, constipation, gallbladder & weight loss. Includes: heart, blood pressure, cardiovascular concerns, cholesterol, immune system, anemia, hepatitis, herpes, HIV & AIDS.Women's issues including: menopause, PMS, urology, heart, reproduction, child birth, new mother, hormones & cholesterol. Men's issues including: prostrate, urology, heart, cholesterol, high blood pressure, testosterone and sperm count, nerve disorder, MS, seizures, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, pain, inflammation, Parkinson's disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, sexual stimulant, weight gain & anorexia.The Cooking with Cannabis web site and blog is open to all who is interested in a healthier life and feeling better while including cannabis in their diet. Whatever you call it, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, THC, CBD, ganja, or smoke we call it GREAT The team at Love Buds are not advocates of smoking anything but are completely in favor of consuming cannabis that has been tested for purity and strength, in delicious foods made with nutritious ingredients. Please enjoy

Author: L. B. Cheryl
Publisher: Cooking with Cannabis
Published: 02/19/2016
Pages: 290
Format: Paperback
Weight: 2.06lbs
Size: 11.02h x 8.50w x 0.75d
ISBN: 9780692549308

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