Herbal Clinician: Herbal Actions & Treatments, Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Case Studies

Herbal Clinician: Herbal Actions & Treatments, Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Case Studies by Rose, Kiva

Herbal Clinician: Herbal Actions & Treatments, Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Case Studies

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Herbal Clinician Herbal Actions & Treatments, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, & Clinical Skills By the Editors & Contributors to Plant Healer Magazine 623 pages - 8.5x11" Softbound - Over 1,500 Illustrations 87 Articles by 25 Leading Herbalist Authors: Jim McDonald - Matthew Wood - Phyllis Light - Robin Rose Bennett - Paul Bergner - Guido Mas - Sam Coffman - Juliet Blankespoor - Rosalee de la For t - Aviva Romm - Christa Sinadinos - Katja Swift - Erin Poirier - Rebecca Altman - Sean Donahue - Charles "Doc" Garcia - M lanie Pulla - Henriette Kress - Sabrina Lutes - Cat Lane - Wendy Hounsel - Dave Meesters - Christophe Bernard - Kiva Rose & Jesse Wolf Hardin For the many years Plant Healer Magazine has published, and for however long it will make its caring contribution, the reasons for its existence and the efforts to create it are these: The propagation and empowerment of folk herbalism, the medicine of the people. Inspiring herbalism's practitioners and celebrating its many practical and aesthetic arts. Helping deepen the connection and relationships between human kind and the natural world, raising awareness about the needs and conservation of wild plants as well as about their safe uses. Raising the profiles of many of the most wise, intuitive, and experienced herbalists, so that more people can learn and benefit from the incredible body of knowledge that they have to share. And providing the skills and tools required to develop the most effective herbal practice possible. It is for this last purpose that we compiled the 87 original pieces for The Herbal Clinician, pulled directly from the pages of past Plant Healer issues. 25 different writers/teachers cover a wide range of topics related to seeing clients and treating their ailments botanically. While in no way complete or comprehensive, numerous areas are explored from a wide range of perspectives, including but not limited to: Diagnostics & Evaluations A first step in addressing any health condition is accurate assessment. You'll read about constitutions, tissue states, tongue and pulse diagnosis. Herbal Energetics & Actions Learn about herbal actions and properties, from demulcents to stimulants, tonics and trophorestoratives, as well as the energetics of the cardiovascular system. Treatments & Therapeutics Articles on organ systems including circulatory, immune, nervous, respiratory and urinary, plus female health from puberty to menopause, maternity and children, mental health and neurodiversity, treating animals, and first aid and external applications such as treating blunt trauma and soft tissue wounds, tackling parasites botanically, and topical application of herbs and honey. Clinical Skills & Case Studies Learn important practical skills and tools, herb selection criteria, drug/herb interactions, and more, and then read the enlightening case studies. Clinics, Business, & Practice Articles about teaching herbalism to both adult students and kids. Herbal entrepreneurship and making a living in the field of botanical healing. Community herbalism, nursing and herbalism, tips for beginning herbalists, and self care of the hard working practitioner. As with our other Plant Healer compilations, the pages of this book are taken directly from past issues of the quarterly magazine. One result is that some articles/chapters begin with a "Seeing People" or other department header at top, while other equally significant articles do not.

Author: Kiva Rose, Jesse Hardin
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: 09/08/2015
Pages: 624
Format: Paperback
Weight: 3.14lbs
Size: 11.02h x 8.50w x 1.26d
ISBN: 9781517211585

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