The Pancreatic Oath Nutrition and Lifestyle Journal

The Pancreatic Oath Nutrition and Lifestyle Journal by Rosen, Candice P.

The Pancreatic Oath Nutrition and Lifestyle Journal

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Tired of yo-yo dieting? Do prescription medications empty your wallet and complicate your life? Is your calendar filled with doctors' appointments? How many times have you heard your physician tell you that you need to "diet and exercise"...without giving you a clue as to where or how to begin? With mountains of information about nutrition and fitness out there, how do you attempt to hike when you're already confused about how to take the first step? So you don't By using The Pancreatic Oath Nutrition and Lifestyle Journal as a companion to The Pancreatic Oath, you begin to see how subtle nutrition and lifestyle changes can transform your life. Improving your health requires an honest look at your current diet and lifestyle habits. Keeping a journal keeps you honest. By following the Pancreatic Nutritional Program (PNP) outlined in The Pancreatic Oath, you are prescribing to a common sense, yet data-driven diet that will lead you to improved health and sustainable weight loss. It is a revolutionary approach to personalized Self-Health. There is no calorie counting or carbohydrate counting. By monitoring your blood glucose levels for 8 to 12 weeks, you will gain insight into what foods stress your pancreas and affect your weight and overall health. Your pancreas will "tell" you whether what you chose for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack was "good" or "bad" for the pancreas. You must listen to the "voices" of your body. As detailed in The Pancreatic Oath, the body has three distinct "voices." It is time to acknowledge and address those "voices" by making educated decisions about what you will eat and/or drink. Every meal should not be a party. Yet today, most Americans act as if it is...eating as if every meal could by be their last one on Earth. The chronic abuse inflicted on the pancreas by poor food choices can affect every aspect of one's life - from health to weight gain to self esteem. The Pancreatic Oath provides the tools to transform. All it takes is the courage to look at your diet and lifestyle in a new light by selecting appropriate, pancreatic friendly foods, increasing your activity level with moderate exercise and practicing daily stress management. The Pancreatic Oath Nutrition and Lifestyle Journal will help you to create a way of healthy eating tailored to your unique nutritional needs. Your health and well-being is YOUR primary responsibility, not that of your health care provider. The growing health care crisis can be mitigated by each and everyone of us taking preventive measures in the areas we have control over. Join author, registered nurse, social worker and health counselor, Candice Rosen, her family members and her many clients who have taken responsibility for and transformed their personal well-being by following the PNP and practicing Self-Health.

Author: Candice P. Rosen
Publisher: Candice Rosen Health Counseling LLC
Published: 08/16/2011
Pages: 152
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.47lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.33d
ISBN: 9780983641322

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