The 3: 00 PM Secret: Live Slim and Strong, Live Your Dreams

The 3: 00 PM Secret: Live Slim and Strong, Live Your Dreams by Lawrence, Debra Anne Ross

The 3: 00 PM Secret: Live Slim and Strong, Live Your Dreams

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THE 3:00 PM SECRET: Live Slim and Strong, Live Your Dreams. The book's themes: Discover Your Destiny; Decide To Be Slim and Strong; Eat Early Each Day; Follow the Ten Nutrition Tips; Enjoy a Ten-Minute Daily Workout; Give Yourself Generous Sleep; Live Your Dreams. Are you living the life you've always dreamed about? Can you take your focus off food and embark on your true life's journey? The 3:00 PM Secret motivates you to decide how you truly want to spend the rest of your life, and if you want it to be in a body that will support your aspirations. Are you at the end of your rope in frustration and despair over your inability to control your weight? You can achieve permanent weight-control success using The 3:00 PM Secret Do you crave unnecessary calories as your body tries to get the nutrients it needs? The Ten Tips for Good Nutrition will help you control your weight and be healthier. Do you want to exercise but never find time or do you have no real desire to exercise at all? The 3:00 PM Secret offers the ten-minute maximized workout as the answer. Do you often eat because you are tired? Do you eat just to get through the day? The 3:00 PM Secret explains why getting adequate sleep can help you lose weight and be healthier. The 3:00 PM Secret, if integrated into your life, will become second nature, and will not only keep you trim and fit, but will help you avoid the myriad of obesity-related diseases that are epidemic, and improve your chances of securing a vital life as you age Discover Your Destiny and Live Your Dreams What others are saying: "After Debra distilled her principles for healthy living and proved them in her life, she discovered a passion for sharing her discoveries with others, particularly those who have lost hope that their bodies will ever cooperate with their dreams. Observing that most human beings are, well, human, Debra designed a set of lifestyle choices we all can embrace in our daily rituals. She hopes you will hope again, and finally set yourself free to pursue your true destiny." Judge David A. Lawrence, "Secret" Admirer. "Finally a treatise on achieving and sustaining one's trimness and fitness based not on no carbs, low carbs, medium carbs or high carbs Debra has cut through the contemporary and often baseless fads to weight control and health. These two issues are inextricably linked one with the other, and success in achieving both requires an understanding of the ways they relate. She presents an insightful tour d'force of reaching one's goals of not fearing the mirror, the scale or your next birthday. A practical and easy to read journey to discovering The 3PM Secret. This is a must for all of us who seek an end to the race for the next best fad, which most likely will fail as miserably as the one before it. Debra's approach to becoming trim and fit is reasonable, simply presented, understandable and most importantly - attainable " Professor Channing Robertson, Stanford University.

Author: Debra Anne Ross Lawrence
Publisher: Glacier Dog
Published: 07/26/2007
Pages: 174
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.71lbs
Size: 9.69h x 7.44w x 0.37d
ISBN: 9780979745904

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