Intermittent Fasting 16/8

Intermittent Fasting 16/8 by Addams, Rebekah

Intermittent Fasting 16/8

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Introducing The Easiest Way To FINALLY Smash Your Weight Loss Goals Without Yo-Yo Dieting And Eating Tasteless, Boring Food

Are you sick and tired having to pause life to eat a small unsatisfying meal every 3 hours to keep your metabolism " running high"? Hate spending half your Sunday meal prepping for the week? Are you doing both of these things and getting zero results?

The facts are that in order to finally achieve your weight loss goals and optimum health you need to be following a plan that is sustainable long term.

The problem with 'Diets' is they don't become lifestyles. They are short term fixes for an underlying issue. Your lifestyle and habits.

Personally I hated spending half of my only day off each week prepping 40 meals for the week, packing them into Tupperware containers and carrying around a cool bag everywhere I went.

The truth is that this whole needing to eat every 3 hours to be healthy and to get a lean body is a myth and your not the only one that has struggled to sustain it.

Fasting is something that can be applied NO MATTER what diet/ lifestyle you follow.

We advocate eating delicious whole foods that you can envisage eating FOREVER, as this makes eating healthy as easy as brushing your teeth every day.

And, when you add Intermittent Fasting into the mix, you literally become a fat burning machine. (Without hating your life or eating boring meals every 2 hours )

Simply condensing those meals into a smaller period of time and having longer to let your body tap into its stored fat cells for energy can be the missing link you need to succeed.

Here's a slither of what's inside...

  • Why You Should NEVER Eat As Soon As You Wake Up (If You Want Optimal Health At Least)
  • An Easy To Find Out Your Individual Caloric Intake To Guarantee Fat Loss
  • The 1 Most Powerful Substance You Can Have To Not Only Blunt Hunger But Overcome Various Health Issues
  • 3 Ways To Increase The Efficiency Of The 16/8 Method To Become An Unstoppable Fat Burning Machine
  • How To Effortlessly Transition Into A 16/8 Fasting Lifestyle So Fat Loss Becomes Inevitable
  • The 4 Pillars Of The Ideal Body Inside And Out (Yes, There's More To Health Than Weight Loss)
  • Delicious Recipes That Are Perfectly Suited To Intermittent Fasting Ensuring You Stay Satiated And Avoid Binge Eating.
  • How To Incorporate Fasting With ANY Diet Or Eating Plan You Follow To Supercharge Your Results
  • Why Fasting Means You Can FINALLY Enjoy Eating Out And Social Gatherings GUILT FREE
  • Why Fasting Is The EASIEST Way To Optimize Your Health And Achieve Your Desired Weight

And SO Much More

Even if you've tried EVERY diet out there, even if you always seem to Yo-Yo with your weight and even if you think you could NEVER skip breakfast, this book is the perfect practical guide to implementing fasting and effortlessly reach your desired weight.

If you're sitting there thinking all is lost and you're doomed to remain in your current state of health forever, if you look in the mirror every morning and hate what you see, then this book is your ticket to changing that forever.

So, If You Want A Proven And Easy Way To Finally Get The Body Of Your Dreams And Effortlessly Maintain It, Then grab yourself a copy now.

Author: Rebekah Addams
Publisher: Effortless Weightloss
Published: 08/05/2020
Pages: 162
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.37lbs
Size: 7.99h x 5.00w x 0.35d
ISBN: 9780648657774

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