Fasting - 3 Books in 1 - Autophagy, Intermittent Fasting, Sugar Detoxification

Fasting - 3 Books in 1 - Autophagy, Intermittent Fasting, Sugar Detoxification by Spritzler, Frances

Fasting - 3 Books in 1 - Autophagy, Intermittent Fasting, Sugar Detoxification

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Are you ready to take back control of your body?

Tired of fad diets that don't work, or crash diets that only hurt your progress? Are you stuck in the same cycle of weight on, weight off, no matter how hard you try?

Are you looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle, once and for all?

In this 3-part series, learn the things that really make a difference in your body - the things these diets don't tell you, but EXPECT you to already know With Frances Spritzler, learn about AUTOPHAGY, and its built-in healing process in your body; with Kierra Lewis, learn about INTERMITTENT FASTING, and how you can reprogram your body to work FOR you (not the other way around ); With Axel Eenfeldt, learn about SUGAR, and why a refresh can kick-start real change, and how to do it without killing yourself in the process.

AUTOPHAGY: Body's Natural Intelligence for Anti-Aging and Healing - Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss & Self-Cleansing


  • An outline of how autophagy works in the body, as a natural process built-into every single person.
  • Highlights of the various benefits activating autophagy can bring to your life, such as weight loss, reducing risk of disease, support for treating illness, and even reversing the effects of aging on your body.
  • A BONUS chapter diving even deeper into how and why you can use the activation of autophagy to meet your weight loss goals.


Intermittent Fasting: Burn Fat, Lose Weight, Feel Healthy - Keto Diet Recipes Included


  • WHAT intermittent fasting is, and why it works so well.
  • Types of intermittent fasting, and ways to know what schedule works best for you.
  • How you can trick your body into feeling full all the time.


Sugar Detoxification: 30 Day Sugar Detox Challenge


  • Thorough explanations of the harms sugar does to the body, and how you can reverse them.
  • Delicious recipes, cutting out refined sugar and helping your body regrow the processes they've broken down over the years.
  • How to work sugar back in after a resetting detox - and why you may not even want to


This isn't a science book, or some heavy text bent on making the work ahead of you difficult - quite the opposite. Three no-nonsense teachers coming together to help you regain control once and for all. Dieting doesn't have to be all fads and crashes - dieting can be a lifestyle choice you consciously make, and never feel like you're missing out.

If you're ready to live in the moment and finally get on the right track - then look no further

Author: Frances Spritzler, Kierra Lewis, Axel Eenfeldt
Publisher: Pg Publishing LLC
Published: 12/02/2020
Pages: 292
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.87lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.61d
ISBN: 9781087928012

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