Compulsive Overeating Help: How to Stop Food Cravings, Food Addiction, or Emotional Eating in 6 Simple Steps!

Compulsive Overeating Help: How to Stop Food Cravings, Food Addiction, or Emotional Eating in 6 Simple Steps! by Bradford Ph. D., Dennis E.

Compulsive Overeating Help: How to Stop Food Cravings, Food Addiction, or Emotional Eating in 6 Simple Steps!

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Excerpts from reviews published at]: "Wow Finally, someone understands that losing weight is NOT about dieting and deprivation. . . t]his really works. The bonus is that these ideas and standards can be applied to many other personal objectives too. Wonderful " "This is a wonderful, thought provoking book As I started reading, I found myself taking the time to search my soul, reflect, understand and learn on how to improve my overall life . . . This book] not only helps you tackle overeating issues, but has wonderful insight on restoring balance in your life. I found this a great book to read over and over again. Not only for the reinforcement factor, but I] found it opened up new ways of positive thinking. I highly recommend this book " "For anyone who compulsively overeats . . . this book has your name on it." "This is a must read that is worth your time and money." "Unlike other books that only discuss nutrition this book covers the reasons for compulsive and emotional eating. When you understand the cause of the problem solving the problem is much easier. I found this book to be very helpful and I highly recommend it to anyone that is plagued by issues with food." "Bradford's book is a clear and concise manual for dealing with compulsive eating behavior. He provides very specific advice, but also a very insightful background of psychological and philosophical analysis (of how we get into these ruts). I recommend it highly." "This approach has worked well for me and for others to whom I recommended the method. Therefore, I can recommend this book to anyone who is serious about losing weight and keeping it off. / The 6 steps are set out clearly . . . r]eading it is an excellent way to invest in yourself, your health, and your future." "Dr. Bradford does it in an easy to read, conversational style . . . we must have purpose, not just go through the motions. From there, he takes the reader step by step . . . to a path to 'killing cravings' . . . and shows . . . how to change . . . for the better." "Food addiction is a disease that can destroy your physical, spiritual, and mental health. . . T]his is a book I really wanted to read . . . While there is no magic bullet, this book definitely gave me along list of questions that warrant journaling and rethinking." Compulsive overeating help that is real must be comprehensive. To stop overeating effectively, it's critical to go beyond merely discussing just nutritional habits or even just both nutritional and exercise habits. Compulsive overeating is not the problem; rather, it's one of the effects of being unbalanced. Focusing temporarily on blocking an effect will not solve the problem. Re-balancing is the solution. Dr. Bradford is an Amazon Kindle Bestselling author who provides 6 simple, comprehensive steps to achieve natural lasting weight loss. He explains exactly how to improve yourself with respect to eating, fitness exercise, rest and recovery, strength exercise, relationships, and thoughts. The most important and comprehensive step is the 6th. Combining it with the other 5 will enable you to eliminate food addiction and cravings without hunger You need not suffer any more from emotional overeating. Freedom from the ill effects of overeating really is possible. The book includes 18 exercises to make the abstract ideas concrete. The first 100+ pages of the book are devoted solely to how to improve your mindset. That's the key to lasting improvements. By following his recommendations, you'll actually be turning the obstacle of being too heavy and attached to food into the opportunity to re-balance your life naturally, which will automatically improve your percentage of body fat in a natural way. That's real overeating help Buy it now before its price increases.

Author: Dennis E. Bradford Ph. D.
Publisher: Ironox Works, Incorporated
Published: 02/04/2013
Pages: 202
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.61lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.43d
ISBN: 9780988262324

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