Blood Doesn't Lie

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Blood Doesn't Lie

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The most effective way to protect ourselves from infectious diseases or chronic degenerative diseases is to understand the concepts of proactive intervention, preventative medicine, and lifestyle support. We have a powerful, intelligent immune system that is designed to always withstand toxic microbial inundation.Medicine has evolved dramatically even compared with 20 years ago, but every new disease requires a new response. Infectious diseases can spread quickly to many patients, warns Tasuku Honjo, a Japanese physician-scientist, immunologist, and Nobel prize winner.Although normal bodily defense systems play a significant preventative role, they are not the only things needed to stop a virulent disease. We also have several white blood cells including the B-cells, T-cells, and natural killer cells, which can mount an incredible defense against any foreign invader. All these defenses are components of the immune system. The immune system is more extensive than the entire circulatory system. It includes our lymph glands and the antibodies that are transported not only by our blood circulation but also by the immune system's own lymph fluid transport system.Exposure to pathogens plays an important role in the building of a robust immune system. It allows our immune systems to build antibodies and other defenses to protect us. This is not to say we should go out of our way to try to get sick; actually quite the opposite: support your immune system with guidelines in this book and then let it do its job by living life to the fullest.Imagine you had an American football team that planned to play against the best defensive team in the league, but they showed up with no offensive linemen and without any protection for their quarterback and running backs. Even with the best quarterback in the league and fastest running backs, they could not last more than a few plays before the big defensive lineman (bacteria) and linebackers (viruses) swarmed all over the quarterback or running backs (brain, lungs, and immune system). Before long, the team would be weakened, fatigued, battered, and bruised to the point where they would lose the battle.The sick and elderly, those with chronic illnesses, and those with chronic fatigue can be likened to this football team; they do not have the immune defenses to fight pathogens. These high-risk people will benefit the most from the protocols laid out in this book, which include nutrification, detoxification, hormonal and herbal support, and power of the mind. This book wasn't written just for older people however, it was written for everyone.We in America rank 36th in the world in life expectancy and we have more sick days than many other countries. This reflects our toxic diets and sedentary, high-stress lifestyles, and it's time we took responsibility for our health and made better choices. My clients, my children, my 85-year-old mother, my staff, and I have all implemented these protocols for a superhero immune system with great success and now you can too As the saying goes you either invest in your health now, or you will pay later. Spending a few extra dollars on healthy food and nutraceuticals could mean saving hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road on doctors, hospitals, and insurance premiums.In this book, you will learn safe, all-natural ways to optimize your immune system to reduce your risk of contracting pathogens and minimize symptoms if you do. You will also learn why people around the world are seeking more natural solutions and breakthrough treatment methods to support rapid healing. With the multifaceted approach outlined in this book, we can dramatically reduce the recovery time from infections; cut missed workdays in half and win the battle against infectious diseases

Author: Nick Delgado
Publisher: Health Wellness Studios Incorporated
Published: 07/30/2020
Pages: 184
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.56lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.39d
ISBN: 9780996219624

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